AEM Spark: Disable and Enable Users

Sometimes, you might find yourself wanting to disable a user account in Adobe Experience Manager, while leaving the account itself intact. This is easy to do via curl: curl -vfs -u admin:admin http://localhost:4502/.rw.html -F “disableUser=Disabled via curl” This sets a protected property on the user node, called rep:disabled – as the term “protected property” suggests, …

AEM Spark: Post/Redirect/Get Pattern for HTML Forms

If you have an HTML form that modifies the node contents, you can add this HTML/HTL to make it refresh the page after the modification (P/R/G style):

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AEM Sparks: CSRF Framework ClientLib

Starting with Adobe Experience Manager 6.1, there’s a new Cross-Site Request Forgery framework baked into AEM; you may have noticed this when your POST requests started getting rejected. There’s a simple way to make sure your form includes the correct code so that it can obtain a CSRF token. Just use the following in your …