This Week in AEM… How to Set Up a Dispatcher on macOS

Not long ago, Joey and I completed an Ask the AEM Community Experts presentation that explained how to Develop with the Dispatcher in Mind for AEM, and also why it is so important. You can watch the session here: We genuinely think that Developers need to include a Dispatcher in their development stack when doing any development. It’s just good practice. After that presentation, Yuri Simione (from the Adobe AEM and Marketing Cloud Group on Linkedin) posted a link to one of the Adobe HelpX articles: Set up AEM Dispatcher on macOS. “This is an accelerated walk through of setting up AEM Dispatcher on macOS, using the macOS installation of Apache HTTPD Web Server.” The page includes several steps to set things up as well as a video to guide you through it. Check it out. And start using a Dispatcher in your development stack.