AEM 6.3 Cumulative Fix Pack 2 Released

One of our favorite improvements in the 6.x line is less about AEM itself and more about how Adobe releases fixes. During the lifecycle of AEM 6.2, Adobe began to release “Cumulative Fix Packs,” which are aggregated content packages containing multiple bug fixes and even occasionally Feature Packs.

On August 8th, Cumulative Fix Pack – a Cumulative Fix Pack for AEM 6.3 – was released (referred to as CFP 2). In addition to closing some issues deep in the product internals (such as some unclosed resource resolvers acquired by the product itself), it upgrades the Jackrabbit Oak version to 1.6.2, which provides several bug fixes for the repository maintenance tools.

As always, you should validate your code under this fix pack before applying it to your production servers.