This Week in AEM… AEM Facebook Groups


AEM is a confusing road. Don’t travel it alone. And thanks to some Facebook groups out there you don’t have to. Some are bigger than others. Here is a list of some of the main groups that I found and participate in (I am sure that there are others but I only looked for English speaking). They are listed below in no particular order. The groups seem to run the gamut of job postings, issues devs/users are facing and asking for assistance with, and blog posts from various community people sharing helpful tips. Most of these groups are aimed at just bringing people together to discuss issues they are having and sharing insights. Most of them looked like they had some activity in the past year. Some are closed so you have to request membership. If you know of any others then shoot me an email, Good luck.

  • Worldwide Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer Community – “Welcome to the largest Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Group on Facebook connecting the Worldwide Adobe CQ / CQ5 / AEM developer community for trends, events, social networking, tips & tricks. DEVELOPERS: If you are stuck on a problem and need an answer, feel free to post your questions on our wall. Welcome to our Group.”
  • CQ5 incubation – “This is knowledge sharing group about AEM.”
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developers – “Welcome to the group of adobe Experience Manager(AEM).The purpose of the group is to connect the people working in AEM, or interested in AEM. This group provides a platform for various discussions on new releases, job openings, problems and solutions. Please feel free to post your questions / ideas.”
  • AEM Developers – “Emerging Techies of AEM!!!” This is one of the bigger groups. And despite their description, it is a pretty good group.
  • The Adobe Experience Manager User Group – “Independent group focused on news and discussions about Adobe Experience Manager (WEM / CQ5) and Adobe Experience Manager Forms.”
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developers Philippines – “Developers on Adobe Experience Manager / CQ5 based in the Philippines.”
  • AEM Forms (Adobe Experience Manager Forms) – “This group is dedicated to individuals who create, maintain, and debug on a daily basis forms and processes built around the AEM Forms platform (formally known as LiveCycle).” It’s not a big group, but if you are a developer working in Forms then you might find some kinship.