This Week in AEM… Using the new Core Components of AEM 6.3

In case you missed it, AEM 6.3 has a new thing called Core Components. This is the new way in which they are handling the out of the box components that AEM comes with. They are a set of reusable and production ready components. Because they are open sourced you can extend them and make that enhancement available to anyone (pending a pull request by the Adobe teams who manage the GitHub account). As a reminder, these will only work for Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 and are only for the Touch UI (soon to just be UI). We posted an article about how to set things up so you can work with them in your AEM implementation. This week I wanted to link over to Santiago Pimentel’s blog post where he goes over a couple examples on how to work with them in his post titled: “AEM 6.3: Developing with the new Core Components”. His examples include simple extension and backend changes. Also, don’t forget about the Core Components lab booklet from Summit that you can download.