This Week in AEM… New training for AEM Sites

Training, for development on Adobe Experience Manager Sites, has long been a real struggle for developers new to AEM. While based on Java, you can’t exactly stick a Java developer on AEM and expect them to thrive or even survive. If you were lucky (or were a partner with Adobe), then you might be able to sit them in a chair and have them watch boring “how to” videos for long periods of time. No one liked that. Perhaps you came up with your own tools to train people. Or you could pay to get the Adobe training, which was expensive and didn’t really dive deep into normal day to day programming that a developer was likely to see. The bottom line is that training wasn’t always great.

As I have mentioned in other posts, I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the changes Adobe has made to their documentation lately. I recently learned about Getting Started with AEM Sites – WKND Tutorial from one of the AEM groups I am part of. According to the helpx site, it is “A multi-part tutorial designed for developers new to AEM. This tutorial covers fundamental topics like project setup, Core Components, editable templates, client libraries and component development.” While it says that it is designed to help developers new to AEM, I can’t help but imagine that it could be useful to anyone new to AEM 6.3 since that is what it is exclusively based on. However, “many of the topics apply to all versions of AEM”. I would suggest this to all AEM devs.