This Week in AEM… Debugging Page Load Issues

All site owners, not just those on Adobe Experience Manager, want their site to load extremely fast. Which is tough when they also want it to pull content from multiple third-party sources. You should assume something isn’t going to go right the first time you put everything together. Frankly, at some point, everyone has had to deal with page load issues. Jayan Kandathil in his post “How to Debug AEM Page Load Performance Issues” points out a Chrome tool, built by David Gonzalez, to help you debug performance issues with your AEM page. Now I could have just simply sent you to David’s ACS AEM Tools Chrome Plug-in page about this (remember that this should not be run in production), but Jayan also includes a video link for how to use it. Bonus in Jayan’s page are some links if you are new to Apache Sling.