This Week in AEM… What to check on code reviews

Code review is an unsung hero of software development. It helps to overcome one of the many myopic tendencies we get stuck in with any kind of project, but especially in development: tunnel-vision. Additionally, with a system as vast as Adobe Experience Manager we can forget about some of the more basic things or even the complex ones. Hopefully, your organization has a procedure in place to do this, and your coding schedules have room to do this, along with refactoring to deal with the technical debt that comes along with every project.

If you don’t already have a set of steps that you follow or if you are looking to put together your own procedure, I recommend that you check out what Jörg Hoh has done in his article; “What I check on code reviews”, from his blog In it, he outlines ten things that you should do in code reviews for AEM projects. It’s not completely exhaustive, but it is a great place to start. And here is a thing I don’t think I have ever said, the comments are especially helpful as well. So you should check those out too.

A fresh set of eyes is always helpful to see the holes that we dig for ourselves.