This Week in AEM… AEM best practices on SPP

I feel like everyone is always looking for best practices. Honestly, I think it is often just a buzzword, and what people really mean is “what’s the right way to do it.” Sometimes there is no explicit one “right way” to do a certain task. There can be various avenues to accomplish thing and they all have their drawbacks. Adobe Experience Manager, with its very large nooks and crannies, certainly lends itself to some possible “best practices.” We have certainly talked about them before (deactivate before delete and don’t work on Publish in Prod, among others). Well, Adobe has put together some of their own best practices that can be found on the Solution Partner Portal. They also talked about some of these on the blog post by Ursula Johnson titled “AEM Best Practices are Live on the SPP”. They might be helpful to your project.