This Week in AEM… AEM Beginners blog

Being new to Adobe Experience Manager, as a developer, can be incredibly daunting and possibly scary. It’s not the easiest beast to try and get hold of. There are lots of hidden pits and unknown dangers. Not to mention trying to learn the right way to do certain things using the actual tools that exist in the system, and not just giving up and writing your own. One of our developers has written about what helped him ( Keep in mind that was over two years ago. Is there anything new? Yes. I came across the “Adobe Experience Manager – Beginner’s Guide” blog a couple of weeks ago. It’s very new, only seems to have started this July. I don’t know much about the author other than what is in the footer, “By Saahir”. This blog appears to have a bunch of helpful content for those new to AEM. It’s probably a good refresher for established devs too. 🙂

As a reminder, we have talked about some of the community help that is available: