Caching Adaptive Forms Content

In our Ask the AEM Expert session about using the Dispatcher during development, we were asked a question about whether or not you can cache Adaptive Forms content. Joey had not worked with that before, so we acknowledged we did not know, but would look into it. After the session we talked to one of our developers, Benny Yih, who said that you can or more accurately that it does cache by default.

For AEM Adaptive Forms development, the “performance” cache should be turned off in the OSGi config to see immediate form authoring changes.

From the Adobe 6.1 page about Configuring the Adaptive Forms Cache:
Configure the cache
Perform the following steps to configure the adaptive forms cache:
1. In the browser window, open URL http://[server]:[port]/system/console/bundles.
2. Open the Adaptive Form HTML cache bundle for editing and specify value for the following fields:
Caching: Use the Caching field to enable or disable the adaptive forms cache. The default value is Enabled.
Number of Adaptive Forms: Specify the maximum number of forms or documents an instance of the AEM forms server can cache. The default value is 100.
Click Save.
On disabling the cache, all the cached forms and documents are deleted.

3. Open the Adaptive Forms JSON Cache bundle for editing, specify value for the Maximum Adaptive Forms field, and click Save.
The Maximum Adaptive Forms field specifies the maximum number of forms or documents a JSON cache is allowed to save the data. The default value is 100.

I also recommend this 6.2 HelpX article about Configuring Caching for Forms.