AEM Podcast: A Quick Look at AEM for Systems Engineers


Most of what we have posted about Adobe Experience Manager is mainly geared at the developer. Not much has been said about the sysadmin or systems engineer. This year we did post a series by Tyler Garner, one of our senior systems engineers, about what you would need to understand the infrastructure of AEM, along with some steps on how to implement them. In this podcast, we approach AEM from the systems side and talk about how it is different compared to what a developer needs to know and do. We talk specifically about:

  • Software Delivery Model vs. Execution Model
  • Knowing the role of Author, Publish, and Dispatcher
  • Understand /etc/map
  • Joey’s top three things that AEM Systems Engineers need to make sure that they handle:
    • Monitor replication queues
    • Audit, Workflow, and Version purge
    • Offline Garbage Collection

And finally, my plea to Adobe Experience Manager systems people: Please don’t just be a Box Monkey. You should care about more than just keeping the server up. You should understand what is going on and care about how and why devs are making the decisions that they are.