AEM Podcast: AEM Template Editor Review

During Adobe Summit 2016, we had a chance to talk with Gabriel Walt, Product Manager of Web Experience Management, about the new functionality of the Template Editor for Adobe Experience Manager 6.2. I was also able to attend the breakout session/lab where he showed how it worked. It was much improved from what I had seen a year earlier. Still, there are some concerns that you should consider when setting this up for your authors, most notably the permissions for who can actually do it. In this podcast we are joined by Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Experience Manager, Ken Woodward, where we will discuss his thoughts about the template editor in AEM 6.2 as well as play some audio that we recorded with Gabriel Walt at Adobe Summit 2016.

Here are some of links that we mentioned in the recording that you might find helpful as you get started using the Template Editor:

[EDIT: Here is a link to the AEM 6.2 Template Editor Workbook that Ken referenced in the podcast. Gabriel was nice enough to share it.]

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