AEM Podcast: AEM Mobile – What, Why, and How, with Klaasjan Tukker and Nick Bogaty

We recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop put on by Adobe in San Jose, California, for various Partners, about the new Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. Adobe then followed up with an onsite visit to Axis41, and Klaasjan Tukker, Senior Manager for the AEM Mobile Technical Marketing Team, and Nick Bogaty, General Manager for AEM Mobile, were gracious enough to sit down with us to discuss the new AEM Mobile. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a sales pitch. We discussed:

  • What exactly is contained in this new AEM Capability
  • Why it was combined with DPS
  • Is PhoneGap no longer available to use?
  • What do you need to deploy this?
  • The feature release schedule

And lastly, both Klaasjan and Nick were very eager to hear from people using the product with possible feature requests. In the podcast they shared their email address and encouraged people to contact them. For spam reasons, I won’t be writing it out here. 🙂 And if you are interested, here is a link to where you can sign up for a trial program of AEM Mobile.

From left to right: Peter Nash, Nick Bogaty, Klaasjan Tukker, and Joey Smith