AEM Podcast: ACS AEM Samples Explained


We have covered ACS AEM Commons and ACS AEM Tools at length. So we thought it was time for us to discuss ACS AEM Samples, the third leg of the ACS AEM suite. ACS AEM Samples is “Well commented code samples of AEM building blocks to help educate AEM developers”. It can be used as a skeleton or starting point for your implementation but it is not production ready code. “No guarantees exist around the effects of installing this package in AEM” as it hasn’t been vetted for “unobtrusiveness”. Samples is just a good place to start if you want to learn about Adobe Experience Manager, need a refresher, or need a good place to start with your implementation. In this podcast, we discuss a bit about what it is and then some use cases that allowed Joey to use it. Specifically, we talk about how he used OSGI Service, Filter Servlet, and the Query Builder.