Expanding AEM Podcast


We are excited for the new year. We rolled out our first article June 30, 2013. The nice thing is that we still stand by that article. It was useful then and it is useful now. Not many people seemed to be doing what we started doing back then. But over time things have grown as CQ has morphed into what Adobe Experience Manager is today. And AEM Podcast has grown as well.

Today there are lots of other groups and individuals that are producing great Adobe Experience Manager content. This is on top of the large community of people on Stack Overflow, Facebook Groups, and developers using Slack. It’s possible that a lot of you out there don’t know about those blogs, groups, and individuals who are creating useful content to help others with AEM implementations. And sometimes Google results don’t return exactly what you want. So we are going to be turning Thursdays on the site into a kind of aggregate posting day. We are planning to call it: This Week in AEM. It will consist of blog posts pointing to things other people have written about that we haven’t. Or it might be announcements from Adobe about hotfixes or product updates we think you need to know about.

If you know of good content that you think needs a broader audience then please reach out to us. If it’s good then we want people to know about it. Or if you want to write an article but don’t have a home for it yourself then we would be happy to post it on aempodcast.com (just like we did for Ivo Eersels). Just send us an email to info@aempodcast.com.

Lastly, we have had the same site for the last three and a half years. It’s probably time for a change. We hope to roll out a new design later in the year. At the most to freshen it up and give a new look, at the very least to make sure it is a responsive site that is friendly to mobile devices.

Thanks for reading and we will do our best to keep trying to share good and useful information to help make your Adobe Experience Manager development better and easier. Have a great New Year!

Peter Nash
Joey Smith