Workfront Connector Setup Details


We all know what Adobe Experience Manager is. Some of you might be familiar with what Workfront is (formerly AtTask). But most of you are probably not aware that there is now a connector for Workfront and AEM to help streamline the process of management for your company’s different projects.

Workfront is a project management tool that allows your organization to control the flow of work on a given project. You can assign specific steps to certain users to ensure that all project tasks and assignments are on schedule and get notified when they are completed. If you want an explanation about the benefits of integrating Workfront with the Adobe platforms (Creative and Marketing clouds), then you can check out this blog post that Samantha Martin wrote on our sister site MarketingCloud41. But in general, the idea is to streamline the management of internal projects that use the Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager.

One of our senior Adobe Experience Manager developers/architects (and Adobe Certified Expert), Adam Twede, wrote up some instructions on how to hook up AEM and Workfront. You can download them here. The current connector leverages the integration between Workfront’s document management features and AEM’s digital asset management system. The Workfront connecter is a pretty new integration for Adobe Experience Manager, so new features and upgrades are still happening. Workfront has some exciting feature enhancements planned for future releases of the connector. We will try to keep these instructions up to date with news of any additions or changes.