Parity Restored: IntelliJ Gets AEM Plugin


One of the things I love about working at Axis41 is that we’re very tool-neutral. Some of our developers really love their Eclipse configuration, and may have been toting it around with them for years. Myself, I am more of a minimalist, and prefer Sublime Text. But a large segment of our development teams prefers to use Jetbrains’ IntelliJ IDEA, so when Adobe announced their Adobe Experience Manager plug-in for Eclipse last year, things got a little bit unbalanced.

That’s why I was excited when Ruben Reusser, CTO of headwire (which hosts both and Adobe CQ Blueprints) tracked us down at Adobe Summit last month to share with us the news that his team had developed an equivalent plug-in for IntelliJ users.

I took some time last week and poked around in it; as I mentioned, I’m not a hard-core IntelliJ fan most of the time, but it’s very cool to see the work Ruben’s team has put into this plug-in. I had some initial issues getting the latest snapshot to work with my IntelliJ, but one quick GitHub issue later, and I was able to get working with the tool. It’s not yet quite as polished as Adobe’s Eclipse plug-in (which is suggested by the 0.6 version number), but the team at headwire is being very responsive to issues. If you’re a developer who likes to use IntelliJ to work with Adobe Experience Manager, I encourage you to try out the plug-in and get involved in improving it by filing tickets.

Thanks to the team at headwire for sharing their work on this tool!