AEM Podcast: An ACS AEM Commons Interview With Justin Edelson, Pt2


Justin Edelson, Peter Nash, and Joey Smith

In part one of our discussion about ACS AEM Commons, with Justin Edelson (Global Evangelist for AEM and co-project lead of ACS AEM Commons and ACS AEM Tools, from Adobe), we talked about the history and purpose behind ACS AEM Commons and ACS AEM Tools. In part 2 of our recording we get in to the nuts and bolts of two ACS AEM Commons features: Query Packager and the ACL Packager. Special thanks again to Justin for taking the time to record with us for almost an hour.

Make sure to also join his AEM Gems session, Inside ACS AEM Commons & Tools, planned to be aired Aug. 26, 2015. at 8 a.m. Pacific. Or if you are reading this after the event, you can find it in the Adobe Gems backlog here.

Music Intro: Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton