AEM Video Spotlight: The New Touch-Optimized Interface For Adobe Experience Manager

I had a chance to attend the Adobe Summit 2013 conference, where they announced the new Adobe Experience Manager. It is essentially a rebrand of CQ version 5.6. They have made strides to bring their entire suite of products under one roof, as the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

I want to take a minute to explain some differences in the new environment that might feel weird if you have used a previous version of CQ.


As seen in the screenshot above, the new interface is much different from the screen you are used to seeing. One of Adobe’s goals with Adobe Experience Manager was to make the system much friendlier for tablet and touch-based devices. Although it’s unlikely that you will want to do the majority of your development and authoring work through such a device, but now you at least have that option.

My first few questions that I had with the new Adobe Experience Manager were regarding

the tools I was used to seeing after logging in. How do I find CRXDE Lite? Where is my site admin panel? What else had been moved? Thankfully, Adobe did not get rid of these tools, they have simply been relocated. By selecting the Tools tab on the bottom left, you will find a lot of those tools that you are used to seeing. But if you are like me, and you have to be dragged kicking and screaming towards change, don’t worry, the old admin icons are still accessible.


If you take your mouse and put it over the tab you have selected, you will see an icon of a monitor on the right side of the tab. This icon shows up for all of the tabs you see listed when you have them selected. Click on the monitor icon to open a new tab in your browser and display the old CQ list of admin options.


Hovering over the right side of the tab works for all tabs listed on the left. So if you select Sites, and click on the monitor icon, a new tab opens up and you can see the siteadmin that you’re already familiar with.

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